Long-term or Legal Presence

The issues for a long-term research, service or other academic program can be significant, particularly where a local legal “presence” is needed to lease space, open bank accounts, or hire local residents. Planning for these long-term projects and activities (usually a year or longer) generally involves:

Analysis of what type of structure would best support the program, taking into account local laws, tax regimes, and culture;

Human resources regulations and practices, which may differ from those in the U.S.;

Procedures regarding fiscal controls and management, cross-border banking controls, and annual/quarterly/monthly reporting obligations;

Procedures on how programs will be overseen and managed by the Columbia home department;

Procedures to handle local operations, such as procuring equipment, insurance, services, and space;

Procedures to train and educate staff to comply with University policies and local and U.S. laws and regulations; and

Procedures to develop, update and disseminate standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Long-term projects or activities always require assistance and guidance from central administration resources. Additional guidance on how to implement long-term activities is included within the Working Globally section.

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