Legacy Reports

Legacy Systems Reports

The following applications remain available in read-only mode strictly for reporting purposes, offering basic transaction reports to users looking for historical data.  They can be accessed from the ARC Portal.


FAS Data Warehouse (DWR) Reports

FAS was the University’s previous financial system. To access FAS DWR Reports, go to the my.columbia>DWR Reports tab.  You will find pre-July 2012 FAS reports and COB (Consolidated Operating Budget) reports as well as other legacy report functions.


There are sixteen FAS Reports including:

• FAS Monthly Transaction Files (General Ledger and Sub Ledger)

• Monthly Budget/Expenditure Extracts

• DASNY Spending


COB Reports include:

• Operating Activity

• Account Detail File for Operating Activity and Budget

• Budget Summary Report

• GL Overdraft Reports

• COB Batch Reports


AP/CAR (Accounts Payable Control Analytical Review)

AP/CAR was the University’s automated payment voucher processing system, used to electronically submit payment vouchers to Accounts Payable.  Basic transaction reports derived from AP/CAR date before July 2012. 

For details on how to access AP/CAR, please visit the download instructions on CUIT's website.



DARTS is a web-based application that brought together diverse University financial data allowing users to run a variety of management reports. DARTS includes pre-July 2012 data only.

Navigate to the DARTS homepage to access read-only data.

DARTS manual

DARTS instructional video


Purchasing Reports

Basic transaction reports, derived from the old University purchasing system CAPS, include data before July 2012.


All of these Legacy Systems Reports can be accessed from the ARC Portal. 

See Legacy System FAQs