Purchasing Guide Details

Laboratory Equipment Services

Hood Certification & Service, Pipette Calibration, Centrifuges & Freezer Repair and Maintenance, etc.
Purchasing Method

Preferred Vendors (UwPA):

On-site - Auto sourced P.O. (quotation required)

Off-site -

Under $2,500 - PCard or Auto sourced P.O. (quotation required)

$2501 and more - Auto sourced P.O. (quotation required)


All other vendors:

On-site - Central P.O. ONLY (quotation and Certificate of Insurance required)

Off-site -

Under $2,500 - PCard or Central P.O.

$2,501 and more - MUST FOLLOW PURCHASING BID GUIDELINES (see Policy)

Central P.O. (Certificate of Insurance and quotation required)