Invoice Sponsors

SPF is responsible for most awards. However, departments may also have responsibility, typically when there are fees for services or “per patient” charges that only the department can evaluate.


Charges and/or fees are identifiable by the “Method of Funding” or “MF Code” which will be 24 (monthly billing) or 25 (quarterly billing).


•  For departmentally billed projects (MF 24 and 25), the following procedure should be followed:

- Department Administrators (DAs) prepare the invoice to the funding agency and must include:

- The lockbox remittance address (see below) and

- An invoice number following the current scheme

- A 5-digit account number (XXXXX), followed by a 2-digit year and a 2-digit month (YYMM)

- i.e. invoice for March 2011 would be 12345-1103)

- Exceptions are permitted for agencies that require a specific invoice number format


-  Original invoices and all backup (account reconciliation, detailed breakdown of patient calculations, etc) are submitted to the SPF PM for review and signature

- The departments do not have signature authority on behalf of the university

-  Once the invoice is reviewed and approved, SPF will record a corresponding receivable entry in ARC

-  Invoices are either returned to the department to be mailed to the funding agency or mailed directly by SPF

- The PM and DA will agree to the process to be used for mailing invoices on a case-by-case basis


•  Additional departmental responsibilities include:

- Ensure charges post to ARC on a timely basis

- Prepare timely invoices

- At the intervals expected by the sponsor as detailed in the NOA

•  All checks received in error by the department must be sent immediately to the SPF lockbox not to the SPF offices.


SPF Lockbox Information:

The Trustees of Columbia University

Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF)

PO Box 29789

General Post Office

New York, NY 10087-9789