International Operation

Depending on the nature, location and duration of a project, one useful resource to explore is the development of a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. Although the content of a plan may vary widely – and should be customized to address the level of risk of operating in a particular location—a plan may include defined responsibilities for individuals in NY and the host country, 24/7 emergency contact protocols and direct links to units in New York and  the HR Manager and the Chief Administrative Officer  of the international project. A Safety and Emergency Preparedness Plan can incorporate security procedures and the duties of the committee and protocols for a variety of possible emergency scenarios.

In drafting the plan, the Guidelines to Develop a Safety and Emergency Preparedness Plan could be helpful.

Following these guidelines, a copy of the Safety and Emergency Preparedness Plan, including the EMT members contact list, should be disseminated to host country personnel and the unit's management staff in the U.S. The initial and revised plans should be emailed to Global Support.

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