Insurance and Risk Management - About Us

Columbia University's Risk Management (CURM) Department's primary responsibility is to develop guidelines, policies & procedures to address risk management exposures that can affect the University's ability to achieve its stated research, educational and business objectives.

We also have direct responsibility for the management of traditional hazard risks that hold the potential of creating an adverse financial effect on the University. Risk Management is not responsible for the development or monitoring of credit, market or liquidity risk exposures.

The Insurance and Risk Management team executes its duties by consulting and collaborating with nearly all University operations as they address the risks that may negatively affect the achievement of their department specific goals and objectives.

Leadership and excellence in promoting Columbia's overall risk management goals, while striving for continuous improvement and 100% client satisfaction, is the basis for our service model.


Mission Statement:  To assist the University’s trustees, senior management, faculty, and staff in identifying and analyzing potential events that may adversely affect the achievement of their individual and collective missions, to advise on appropriate control measures to contain the events within the enterprise’s overall risk-taking philosophy, and design, implement and monitor compatible risk financing schemes against the residual.


Who We Are

Steven Lawrence
Associate Treasurer, Risk Management

615 West 131 Street
Studebaker 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10027
(212) 854-9703

Laura Schon
Director, Risk Management
(212) 854-1063


Ed Keszkowski
Associate Director, Casualty Claim and Risk Control
(212) 851-4446


Avi Mimum
Senior Manager, Property, Budget & Fleet Administration
(212) 854-9692

Business Manager
(212) 854-1056