ARC Inquiries

Inquiries are generated based on user defined search criteria and are used to view real time financial data.  They provide immediate results and can be useful in instances when more information about data sets is needed within a specific module.  Users track financial transactions within each module, for example, Voucher inquiries are located within the Accounts Payable module and Purchase Order inquiries are located within the Purchasing module.

Please note that depending on your security access you may or may not have access to certain inquiry pages in ARC.

The Inquiry Inventory provides a list of the most frequently used inquiries in ARC along with their purpose and navigations.

How to Run an Inquiry

To run a Inquiry, enter the ARC Portal and select Go To Arc

Inquiries must be run from individual modules.  From the Main Menu select the module, for example, Accounts Payable, Procurement, or General Ledger.

Select an inquiry from within the module and enter the search criteria, then click Search.

Once you run an Inquiry, you have several options:

• Review the report online

• Drill down into specific transactions

• Export the report to Excel by clicking the Download button

Save and Print the report