How to Follow Up On Payments

The pages (at left) are designed to assist vendors and payees who would like to:

  1. Look up a payment
  2. Look up a remittance
  3. Follow-up on a payment with issues
  4. View helpful payment advice


Key Points About the University Payment Process:

  • Columbia Uses A Decentralized Process
  • Invoices and requests for payments are received at the school, department, or other business unit that received the goods and/or services. That school/department then approves the invoice for payment and enters it into the University’s finance system (ARC).  Most vouchers next route to Central Accounts Payable where the request for payment is audited.  Once a voucher passes audit and is approved, it is processed for payment via check or direct deposit.
  • An Approved Vendor/Payee Profile Must Exist In ARC

An approved vendor/payee profile must exist in the finance system in order to process a payment. If a vendor/payee is getting paid for the first time by the University, a school/dept must request the creation of a profile in the University finance System (ARC).  For more detailed information about how to set up a vendor or how to revise information for an existing vendor, click here.


Still have questions!  Please contact the Finance Service Center.