Step 3: Adding a Basic Page as a Sub-Page

You can also create sub-pages in your lifecycle.

20. To create a sub page you follow the same steps as you did when creating a child page, except that when you click on "provide menu link" you create a link to the child page to which the sub page is going to be related. So, for example, if we wanted to create a sub page to "Step 2," the sub page would need to be linked to the basic page you created for step 2 NOT "Test Page (disabled). If you want to create more sub pages to follow, simply use the same steps, relating each subpage to the child page. You can play with the weight of each of the sub pages if you want to change the order.

A handy way to change the weight of a page is to click on Main Menu (top left) and toggle the hide row weights/show row weights. This makes it easier to see in what order the pages you've created will appear.