School of the Arts Film Division Insurance Program

Insurance for Student Film Productions

In collaboration with Risk Management in the Office of the Treasurer, Jennifer Tromski (Manager of Insurance and Administration) administers the SOA Film Program insurance program for currently enrolled MFA students whose film productions are approved to apply towards their MFA degrees.  Please know that the main purpose of the insurance program is to protect you (the student) and your creative work from legal liability and serious financial loss.  We are happy to provide you with insurance benefits as part of your SOA education and want to work with you to make sure you can film the productions that you envision. 

If you have any questions after reading the Insurance Bible at, please feel free to email Jenny T at, stop by 513D Dodge, or call her at (212) 854-1564.



Reporting an Accident / Filing a Claim

Any accident or injury that occurs during a student film production must immediately be reported to Columbia University Human Resources.  You must call CU HR at (212) 851-7000 and email as soon as you become aware of an incident or potential claim.  You will be asked to provide details on "who, what, when, where, and how."


 All accidents or losses (property damage) that occur during a student film production must be reported to the Risk Management immediately using this Word (.doc) form, which should be emailed to Jennifer Tromski at FilmInsurance and  You may also call Jenny T at (212) 854-1564 for advice on how to proceed in the immediate aftermath of a loss or potential loss.   


   Students that elected to participate in the master insurance program will be given instructions on proper loss documentation, administration processes, and associated reimbursement parameters.  Property damage claims from rental houses have a $1,500 deductible ($3,000 for equipment valued at greater than $250,000).  There is a $1,500 deductible for allowable locations covered by liability insurance.  There is no deductible or loss sharing associated with the accident/medical expense reimbursement aspects of the insurance program.