FDS Reports Explained

Here are some basic descriptions of the various FDS (Financial Data Store) reports available from the ARC Portal:


Chartfield Statements

• A one-stop shop to view fiscal year budget vs. actual by ChartField

• Includes Actuals, Budgets, Prior Year, Encumbrances, Fund Balance, and Claim on Cash

• Can be run at various levels of detail, from summary to transaction level


Consolidated Operating Reports

• A multi-year comparison of Departmental Operating Funds vs. Budgets by Fiscal Year and Function

• Includes Actuals, Budgets, Prior Year Actuals and Future Year Forecasts

• Can be run at the summary level or at the detailed ChartField level (but not at the transaction level)

• Reports are also available for Overdraft/Fund balance, Budget Change and Internal Transfer detail reporting


Project Lifecycle Reports

• A one-stop shop by Project to view Project-to-date activities

• Includes Actuals, Budgets, Encumbrances and Overruns, as well as F&A recovery

• Reports can be run at summary and transaction levels


Trial Balance Reports

• Designed for those users who need to see the Balance Sheet (Assets & Liabilities) in addition to Revenues, Expenses and Fund Balances

• Includes current monthly activity as well as current period and prior year ending balance

• Can be run at the summary level, the detailed ChartField level, or (for Natural Account only) the transaction level


Financial Statements

• Designed for the Controller’s Offices or other users who need to prepare financial statements for a Business Unit