Purchasing Guide Details

Executive Search Firm, Recruiter (contingent)


Best purchasing method: Purchase Order, with Agreement and Scope of Work

ARC Category Code: 80111700



In this kind of agreement, the recruiter is paid upon a successful hire/placement. The recruiter is responsible to do the initial recruiting, screening and interviewing.


The contingency recruiter will also arrange interviews with the candidates for the client/company. The company pays either a flat fee or a percentage of the first years salary. Traditionally, the jobseeker does not pay a fee.


Insurance is required as per section 11 of the Agreement.


Other documentation (required each time vendor is engaged):


Individual: Independent Contractor Certification (ICC); Resume and a Client List (if not able to provide, we require an email from the Department stating the reason).


Company: Company brochure; Client List


Team Leader

Ken Campbell



Required Service Agreement Type

Executive Recruiting Agreement (Contingent)

Scope of Work

Certificate of insurance

All other necessary documents such as proof of bidding, or single source justification form, list of clients.