Excluded Travel/Territory


Currently, any travel to, from, or within the following four locations are not eligible under the ISOS group program.  Please note: this list is subject to change at any time.


  • •   Afghanistan
  • •   Iran
  • •   Iraq
  • •   North Korea

If you plan to travel to the following locations, you must notify the Insurance and Risk Management Department prior to your trip:

  • •   Cuba
  • •   Haiti

Other excluded travel includes:

  • •   All or any portion of a trip that is for any purpose other than that directly related to the academic, research, or administrative business of the University;
  • •   Personal travel (>10% duration of the total travel days for a single trip) including vacation, personal/family business, even if done in conjunction with eligible travel;
  • •   Travel to attend or participate in fundraiser, conference, speaking engagement, or similar situation when not done at the specific written request of the University (dean or senior administration officer).