How to Escalate Your Request

In addition to the Accounts Payable Status Tool and information available on this web site, see below for ways to resolve outstanding payments:

  • ♦   School/Dept Contact. If a check payment has been confirmed to be generated but not received, a vendor/payee should reach out to the school/dept contact and alert that person so the school/dept contact can request a stop payment.  It is important to confirm the "Remit To" address to ensure that the payment is being mailed to the correct address, or to ascertain if an address update or modification is required.  If the address is correct, the department can also request that a check be reissued, or request that a check be reissued once an address update is completed.
  • ♦   ARC Vendor/Payee Request Web Form. If a vendor/payee determines that it is necessary to update a profile to resolve a payment issue, then they are able to initiate that process via the web form.  Note that for disbursement modifications (e.g., a change in bank account information) additional authentication and validation steps between the vendor and the central Vendor Management unit are required.
  • ♦  Finance Service Center. The Finance Service Center can assist if a vendor/payee is not able to reach a department, has not heard back from a school/dept after reasonable outreach, or for some reason is not able to access the AP Remittance Tool.  The Service Center Staff will need to know the department name, contact name, and outreach details in order for the Service Center to assist with resolution.

Finance Service Center
(212) 854.2122
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.