Things to Pay Attention To

Tips to Ensure the Timely Processing of Your Invoice

  • ♦   Make Sure that Columbia's Billing Address is Clear, Correct and Complete
    • - For invoices associated with a purchase order, please confirm that you have used the "Bill To" and not the "Ship To" address (if they are different);
      - For invoices not associated with a purchase order, please include a department name, contact name, building name, floor number, street address and zip code.
  • ♦   Make Sure You Have a Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.  If you need to follow up on an invoice, the first point of contact should be the person at the school/dept to whom you sent the invoice.  The Finance Service Center can also assist with follow-up on a payment, but they will need to know who the contact at the school/dept is and that person’s contact information.


Finance Service Center
(212) 854.2122
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.