Equal Employment Opportunities



Diversity and Inclusion
We support:
• Proposals that require companies to execute equal employment opportunity initiatives and formulate reports that include the following:
− A statistical break down of companies by job category, sex, race, age and sexual orientation.
− A description of affirmative action policies and programs in place for minorities and women.
− The company’s Form EEO-1 report.
− A description of programs designed to increase the number of persons employed with disabilities.
− A description of how the company is working to eliminate “glass ceilings” and pay gaps for female and minority employees and those identifying as LGBTQ.
Equal Employment Opportunity, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity
We support:
• Proposals that call for companies to enforce and report on enforcement of the following practices:
− The adoption of official policies against discrimination, based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
− An internal policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity in company-wide guidelines prohibiting discrimination.
− The granting of spousal benefits to domestic partners, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
− Enhancing board diversity on the basis of race and gender.
We do not support:
• Proposals asking companies to remove the words “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” from their nondiscrimination policies.
• Proposals asking for spousal benefits to be rescinded or revoked based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
• Proposals asking companies to implement MacBride Principles (or urge franchises to adopt said principles).