Employee Expense Reimbursement

Employee Expense Reimbursements in ARC utilize several items to complete the employee Travel or Business Expense Reimbursement process: an employee expense reimbursement vendor profile; an employee expense reimbursement voucher type; a Travel Approver; and a Supplemental Approver.

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  1. Employee completes and signs a Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement (TBER) form upon completing travel or incurring a reimbursable business expense.  Employee provides required receipts and supporting documentation.  (An administrative staff person in the employee’s department can assist with the completion of the TBER; however, the employee must sign the TBER where required.)
  2. The Expense Report Validator must also sign the TBER to certify that the travel is valid, appropriate, and  policy compliant.  The Expense Report Validator should be the person’s supervisor, or other appropriately senior person in the department.  The Expense Report Validator can also be the ARC Travel Approver and in these cases, it is not necessary for the TBER form to be signed by the Expense Report Validator; just the approval in ARC by the Travel Approver is required.  In cases where the Expense Report Validator is not the Travel Approver, the Expense Report Validator should be familiar enough with the expense activity to validate it, as the ARC Travel Approver will be relying on the validation of the Expense Report Validator as part of the voucher approval process in ARC.
  3. ARC Voucher Initiator logs into ARC AP Module and in the Voucher creation page selects the Employee Reimbursement voucher type.  The ARC Voucher Initiator selects the appropriate Employee Reimbursement Vendor Profile and completes the voucher entry.  The ARC Voucher Initiator scans and uploads the completed, signed TBER and supporting documents via the EDM system.
  4. If the Employee Expense Reimbursement Voucher requires Supplemental Approval, the ARC Voucher Initiator must select the appropriate Supplemental Approver through the Ad Hoc Approver functionality in ARC. The ARC Voucher Initiator must upload the Supplemental Approval form and provide information on the item requiring Supplemental Approval  If Supplemental and Travel Approver are same person, first approval will cover both.
  5. If the Employee Expense Reimbursement Voucher does not require Supplemental Approval, the ARC Voucher Initiator submits the Employee Expense Reimbursement Employee Expense Submitted vouchers will route to designated Travel Approver(s) based on workflow rules
  6. ARC Travel Approver will review Employee Expense Reimbursement Voucher (for travel and non-travel expense reimbursement).  If voucher meets approval criteria, ARC Travel Approver approves voucher.
  7. Employee Expense Reimbursement Vouchers approved by Travel Approver will route to central Accounts Payable, Payable and assigned to a member of the Audit & Review staff
  8. AP Audit & Review staff member will review voucher and supporting documentation.  If an item associated with the voucher needs clarification or correction, the staff member will place the voucher On Hold and an email notification will be sent to the ARC Voucher Initiator.  The AP Audit & Review staff member can also Reject the voucher, which will simply return it to the ARC Voucher Initiator and restart workflow in the department. 
  9. Once the voucher has successfully completed the AP Audit & Review process, it is approved.  If Budget Checking process is not successful, ARC Voucher Initiator will receive a notification and will need to resolve Budget Check failure
  10. Approved vouchers will the post to the General Ledger.  Payments for approved vouchers will be processed on a nightly basis.