Direct Deposit Pay Advice

For security and ease, the majority of University employees have their pay deposited directly into their bank account.  Information about the direct deposit (amounts, withholding, benefits deductions), also called pay advice, is available on-line via the my.columbia portal:


How do I access my on-line pay advice?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your UNI and UNI password.  If you don’t know your UNI or have forgotten your UNI password, go to
  3. Go to the “Faculty and Staff” tab
  4. Under “Self-Service”, click on “View Your Paycheck
  5. Select the date of the paycheck you wish to view, and click on “View Paycheck
  6. To access a printable version of your pay advice, click on “View Printable Version


What if I don’t have access to a computer and/or printer, either at work or at home?

For those employees that don’t have access to a computer and/or printer as part of their role, there are a number of computer and printer kiosks conveniently located around the Morningside, Manhattanville and CUMC campuses to ensure that all employees can easily access their on-line pay advice, and also print the advice if they so wish.  Here is a list of kiosk and printer locations:

Columbia University - Employee Kiosk Locations

Kiosks with Printer Available
Butler LibrarySub-basement by Padula Lounge
East CampusLevel 1AB4
Lerner HallBasement
MathematicsBasement (near timeclock and room 117)
Schapiro / CEPSR3rd Floor Level (near timeclock)
Kiosks Only
Butler Library3rd Floor, Room 300
Butler Library3rd Floor, Room 303
Butler Library3rd Floor, Room 310
Butler Library4th Floor, Room 403
Butler Library4th Floor, Room 406
Butler Library5th Floor, Room 504
Butler Library6th Floor, Room 654
Carman1st Floor, Room 100
Claremont1st Floor, Room 100
Dodge6th Floor, Room 600
Dodge4th Floor, Room 400
Earl Hall1st Floor, Room 100
East Campus1st Floor, Lobby
East Campus2nd Floor, Room 200
East Campus6th Floor, Room 600
Furnald1st Floor, Room 100
Harmony Hall1st Floor, Room 100
Hartley1st Floor, Room 100
International Affairs3rd Floor, Room 300
International Affairs3rd Floor, Room 302
International Affairs4th Floor, Room 400
International Affairs4th Floor, Room 407
International House (ISSO)1st Floor, Room 100
John Jay1st Floor, Room 100
Kent2nd Floor, Room 200
Kraft2nd Floor, Room 200
Lerner1st Floor, Room 100
Lerner2nd Floor, Room 200
Lerner5th Floor, Room 500
Lerner7th Floor, Room 705
Lewisohn3rd Floor, Room 300
Mudd4th Floor, Room 400
N.W. Corner Building4th Floor, Room 400
Philosophy2nd Floor, Room 202
Pupin5th Floor, Room 500
Schapiro Hall1st Floor, Room 100
Schermerhorn5th Floor, Room 501
Schermerhorn6th Floor, Room 601
600 West 113th Street1st Floor, Room 113
Social WorkBasement
Social Work4th Floor, Room 400
Social Work5th Floor, Room 500
Social Work5th Floor, Room 514
Studebaker4th Floor, Room 400
Wallach1st Floor, 123
Watson1st Floor, Room 100
Watson8th Floor, Room 816
Wien1st Floor, Room 100
Kiosks with Printer Available
BlackBasement (near timeclock, 109)
Black18th Floor by room 1810
BlackRoom 106, HR
Kiosks Only
Black1st Floor
Hammer 2nd Floor


Where do I go if I have additional questions?


If you have questions regarding your on-line pay advice or need guidance to access the information, please contact the Human Resources Service Center .  You can log an incident or request a service by using a self-service web form found or you can contact the Service Center by phone at (212) 851-2888.