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Columbia travelers should take an active role in addressing administrative, health and safety concerns inherent to international travel and should recognize that certain regions require special considerations due to political, cultural, legal or health-related reasons. Careful review and consideration of the current state of the host country to be visited, is an essential element of international work. Through thorough preparation, most overseas problems and emergencies can be avoided or resolved quickly. It is important that you start planning and preparing for your international trip as far in advance as possible, at least two to three months in advance.

If unfamiliar with your travel destination and for additional information and resources, refer to the Individual (Traveler) page of Safety and Emergency Prepardness.

In order to prepare, it could be helpful to use the International Pre-travel Checklist.


In addition to reviewing this section, when traveling with a Columbia group or a Columbia-sponsored program, your primary contact and source for guidance should be the sponsoring University department for that program. Undegraduate students should review the Office of Global Programs' website for additional information. They will requirel administrative steps that should be included in your travel planning.

Faculty and Staff

Your University department likely already has international travel procedures that are complementary to this site; your University department should be the primary source for guidance to ensure that you are compliant with all the required administrative steps prior to travel.

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