ChartField Requests

Requests for new ChartFields or to update existing ChartFields are submitted to the Office of the Controller.  To create a request, a user must have the role of ChartField Requester.  Users with this role can access the ChartField Request Form from either the ARC Portal or from within ARC by navigating to:

  • Columbia Specific>General Ledger>ChartField Request Form>ChartFields

For further information on the ChartField Request Form and associated roles, responsibilities and workflow, please review the ChartField Request Form Job Aid.


The Financial Inquiry Application (FIA) is a shorter alternative to the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA) and offers users a faster and easier way to apply for inquiry only access. With inquiry only access, a user may view data in ARC and may also view financial reports through the Financial Data Store (FDS). There are two types of inquiry access:

Inquiry Access by Department: Inquiry access by department allows a user to view all financial activity recorded on a specific department. It also allows a user to view all financial activity recorded on ChartFields owned by that specific department.

Inquiry Access by ChartField: Inquiry access by ChartField allows users to view all financial activity recorded on a specific Project, Activity, Initiative and/or Segment.

Access to Payroll Accounting Distribution (PAD) info by Department and/or ChartField may also be requested via the Financial Inquiry Application. In addition, this new security application allows an administrator to request reporting access on behalf of faculty, principal investigators and/or scope investigators.  

The Financial Inquiry Application is available in ServiceNow via the Finance Service Center website. Please refer to the Financial Inquiry Application Handbook for detailed instructions on how to complete the form.