Debt & Capital Planning - About Us

Treasury's Capital Planning group is primarily responsible for the management of Columbia's debt portfolio, compliance with IRS regulations and debt covenants, and strategic financing of capital projects.


Goals and Functions

  • Develops University debt strategy to help finance construction and renovation of capital projects;
  • Coordinates University borrowing activities, including both tax-exempt and taxable debt issuances;
  • Manages University’s relationships with credit rating agencies and public authority conduit issuers, principally the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York;
  • Ensures compliance with debt-related covenants and IRS requirements, i.e. continuing disclosure and post-issuance compliance;
  • Manages reimbursement of eligible project expenditures with tax-exempt bond proceeds in accordance with IRS rules;
  • Arranges payment of principal, interest, and debt-related fees;
  • Ensures adequate liquidity coverage to support debt portfolio, including securing lines of credit.


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Who We Are

Colin Redhead

Deputy Treasurer

(212) 854-9691


George Curtis
Assistant Director, Bond Issuance and Compliance
(212) 851-9709


Office of the Treasurer

615 West 131st Street

Studebaker Bldg - 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10027