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We have identified an issue with the COB reports and the Budget Tool being out of sync but are working to address the issue and align the data in ARC and the Budget Tool.  As a result of this work, there may be changes in your COB current estimate and future year budgets. We expect that changes will be reflected in your COB on Thursday.  If this timeframe changes, we will notify you.  If you have questions regarding any of the above items, please contact the Finance Service Center.  You can log an incident or request a service by using a self-service web form, or you can contact the Service Center by phone: 212-854-2122 Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.




Issue: Payroll Direct activities do not equal detail in Payroll worksheet

Action:  Direct activities and payroll worksheet must always equal. Going forward this will always be the case since payroll can only be budgeted via the payroll worksheets.  In instances where payroll direct activities have no supporting payroll detail, a corresponding chartstring was created in the payroll worksheet. Departments can use this chartstring to zero out direct activities or enter corresponding budgets. Once budgets are corrected in the payroll worksheet departments should re-apply Payroll worksheets to create new Direct Activity budget transactions. 


Issue: Payroll batch uploads were taking a long time to upload and approve.

Action: An enhancement was implemented that bypasses the Payroll Worksheet after a batch has been uploaded.  This will shorten the time it takes to upload payroll batches.


There is a new sequence of events when you click “Process”:  after a fairly short interval you will be returned to the batch list page and a message in red will appear telling you that the batch has been queued for processing and you will be notified by email when that has completed. You can then go about your business on the application as processing the batch will happen offline.


Processing occurs every 15 minutes and then the email notification may not happen until a bit later. As it happens, this offline processing occurs on the hour and every 15 minutes following, so, you can check the Worklist after the next 15-minute interval after you clicked “Process” to see if a Direct Activity transaction has been generated with the processor’s Name on it (so you don’t have to wait for the email notification). The process no longer takes you to the Payroll worksheet, but you can always go there whenever you please. The process now applies and generates the Direct Activity automatically and it will be in an “Open” state.


Previously reported issues and action taken:

Issue: Salary records where the FY13 current estimate was zeroed out were missing its corresponding zero fringe record.  Zeroing was required if users needed to move a budget from one chartstring to another, i.e. if an employee’s salary is expensed to a different chartstring this fiscal year than the original budget chartstring was based on.  When the Payroll worksheet was applied, the salary in Direct Activity correctly populated a zero, but the fringe reverts back to the amount it was prior to it being zeroed out.

Action: This issue has been fixed.  At this point in time, you can re-apply your Payroll worksheet to create new Direct Activity budget transactions. 


Issue: We have identified an issue when uploading Payroll spreadsheets, which is causing amounts to appear incorrectly, either as a negative, or to double. 

Action: This issue has been fixed.


Issue: Some departments who had placeholders for a FY13 budget in the old Payroll module are missing this information from the Payroll worksheet.

Action: This issue has been fixed as all placeholders have been mapped to corresponding departments. This may result in a duplicate FY13 Current Estimate so please review the forecast.




The Budget Tool Team