Best Reports for Revenues and Expenses

Reconciling Expenses and Reviewing Revenues

Reviewing and reconciling revenues and expenses for your department or project is required financial activity on a regular basis.  FDS provides many reporting options to accomplish this task.  Details about various reporting options can be found elsewhere in this site by navigating to the Types of Reports tab at left, then select FDS Reports to see a list of all available types of FDS reports, as well as Frequently Used Fiscal Year Financial Reports and Project Lifecycle Reports (including info on how to read these reports).


Reports to Consider:

ChartField Summary and Detail Statements provide fiscal year-to-date financial activity at the department, project, initiative, segment, site or function levels or any combination of ChartFields.

Trial Balance by Account Detail reports can be used to review transaction details across multiple accounts, departments or projects.

Department Specific like the Department Summary or Detail Statements reports can provide financial reviews for a department or, if the department field is left blank, the report will filter based on the user's department security.

Sponsored Project Financial Summary or Detail reports or the Non-Sponsored Project Financial Summary or Detail Reports provide budget to actuals comparisons as well as links to transactional data.

Project Cost/Summary Overrun Reports provide high-level data useful for a department reviewer or Principal Investigator.

F&A Recovery Report provides pertinent F&A recovery data.

Payroll Summary and Detail Statements provide salary monitoring data.


For additional information refer to FDS Reports Explained.

For a full list of available financial reporting options, please refer to Job Aid: Report Inventory.