Basic Procedures

Click on below headings for procedural instructions on basic endowment related actions:


Creating a New Endowment or Amending an Existing Endowment

Review a process map of the steps required to establish or amend an endowment.


Project ChartField Request Form

Complete the ARC ChartField Request form for a project.  Please see the Endowment Project ChartField Request job aid for assistance when adding a new or updating an existing endowment project.  All related documentation that evidences the terms, restrictions and obligations should be attached to the ChartField Request in ARC:

• Signed gift or pledge agreement, other donor correspondence

• Life income agreement

• Will or trust

• Solicitation or appeal

• Accepted proposal

• Other supporting internal memos/emails

Alternatively, the documentation can be emailed to The email should contain the name of the fund and the Request ID assigned in ARC to the ChartField Request.


If creating a quasi endowment, submit either:


Endowment Quasi Letter – Donor funded

Endowment Quasi Letter – Unrestricted transfer


Please submit requests by the 15th of each month in order to have the fund created and receive interest in the next month.


For CUMC, all requests will be approved by CUMC Controller’s Office before being submitted to Endowment Compliance.


Endowment Decapitalization (Decapping)

Review a process map of the steps required to establish or amend an endowment.


To decapitalize an endowment, complete the following:

The Decap Request Letter for True Endowment or Quasi Endowment

Endowment Decapitalization Form (Attachment 1)

Relevant Endowment Fund Documentation (Attachment 2)


Submit Decap Requests (with attached forms) to Endowment Compliance at  See the Decapitalizing Endowment Funds Policy for details.


Endowment Reinvestment (Recapping)

Review a process map of the steps required to reinvest endowment income.


Please send an email to Endowment Administration and Compliance ( including:

• Amount of the reinvestment

• Chartstring to debit and credit

• An explanation of why the amount could not be expended

• Include the statement “I have verified the endowment’s terms and restrictions do not prohibit reinvestment.” 


No form is needed.

Endowment Substantiation

Endowment Substantiation Form

As outlined in the Endowment and Gift Fund Administration and Compliance Policy, expenses incurred for endowment and gift purposes should be charged directly to the applicable fund.

However, we understand that transfers may at times be needed. After a thorough review of the restrictions of each fund to confirm a transfer would be necessary and appropriate, the endowment or gift transfer entries must be approved by a Senior Business Officer. Schools or departments must keep detailed documentation to substantiate appropriate use and demonstrate that expenditures meet the terms of each fund. Documentation substantiating appropriate use must be attached to the endowment or gift transfer entries in the financial system.

The Controller’s Office and Office of General Counsel have developed, for your convenience, a form to assist in documenting such instances. When transferring occurs, Schools/Departments should maintain this form to substantiate the appropriate use of the funds. This form may be completed and along with other supporting documentation that evidences compliance, attached to the entry in ARC.

Requesting a Change to Central and/or Current Status

To request a change to the Central and/or Current status of an endowment fund, complete the ARC ChartField Request form to update the endowment project.  Include the rationale for the change to Current and/or Central status in the "Request Justification" section of the ChartField Request form.  Please see the Endowment Project ChartField Request job aid for further details.

Endowment Compliance will review with the Office of Management and Budget as necessary.


Request to Provost for Trustees to Establish or Revise a Professorship

Requests to the Provost for the Trustees to establish or revise a professorship must be reviewed by Endowment Compliance. Approval from Endowment Compliance will be required for submission of paperwork to the Provost’s Office.

• Submit documentation to Endowment Compliance no later than the required deadline.

• Submit draft letter to Provost, along with documentation of the underlying terms and restrictions (e.g. gift instruments, solicitations, gift review committee approvals)

• Email to, copy

Approval from Endowment Compliance will be emailed to the department, with a copy to Pearl Spiro, Assistant Provost for Academic Appointments,