Look Up a Payment

To assist vendors and payees in determining the status of a payment, the University has developed a web-based, self-service tool to that can provide a basic status on a payment request. 

1) To obtain a payment status, a vendor/payee must enter their Finance system ID (called the ARC Supplier Number. A look up tool is provided on the page) and an invoice number (if a payment request did not have an invoice number, the Finance Service Center can assist in the look up.)

2) Once the vendor and invoice number are entered, one of the following statuses will be provided:




Next Steps

Not found

Voucher has not been entered into system yet by department

Call or email department contact to confirm that invoice has been received

Pending Dept Action

Voucher entered, but awaiting dept approval or resolution of audit item

Call or email department contact if invoice is experiencing significant delays

Pending Central AP Action

Voucher is awaiting or in the midst of the audit process by AP

To see the date of vouchers that Accounts Payable is currently auditing for payment, click the "Now Auditing" tab in the rotating banner on the main page of Accounts Payable.


Voucher has been approved and processed for payment

Refer to the AP Remittance tool for additional details


Still have questions?  Please contact the Finance Service Center.