Advanced ARC Reporting

Advanced ARC Reporting - Using the Self Service Query Tool

The PeopleSoft Query is an end user reporting tool that allows you to extract precise information from the ARC database without having to write SQL code.    Peoplesoft Query Manager helps users build SQL statements and view output.

SQL (Structured Query Language)  is a programming language designed for managing data within databases. The data is stored in tables and the relationships among the data are also stored in tables. The data can be accessed or reassembled in many different ways without having to change the table forms. The Query Tool uses User Input in order to generate SQL. When a Query is run, this SQL is executed at the database level, and the results are returned to the user through the Query Tool.

Other Arc Reports for Central Users with special access include:

• Trial Balance by Business Unit

• Trial Balance by Fund

• Balance Sheet - Consolidated

• Statement of Activities - Consolidated

Located in ARC (as opposed to FDS Trial Balances), Trial Balances for Business Unit and Fund provide information for all accounts including revenues, expenses, transfers, assets and liabilites.  

Consolidated Balance Sheets and Statements of Activities are only availbale to central controllers doing financial statements. 

Advanced FDS Reporting

Advanced FDS Reporting, also called Self-Service Reporting, provides query and reporting by business users against corporate and/or desktop data with minimal IT department's involvement (except, of course, for set up of the datawarehouse and the data marts underpinning the business intelligence system).  Mainly for central or special users only, applicants to use this function must demonstrate an intermediate level of SQL knowledge and an understanding of the FDS data tables and columns. Users will also be instructed in the proper procedures for developing and testing queries and reports on a separate test server before promoting these to a production server. 

CUIT's Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions (EBIS) must approve of the query and/or reporting tool used to access the database.  See the EBIS information page for details and access instructions.

For more information, review the Advanced FDS Reporting web-based course, which describes the data flow to and from the Financial Data Store as well as data architecture and security.