Network Accounts

University Network ID (UNI)

An UNI is created and designated by CUIT and consists of the user initials plus an arbitrary number. It is the key to accessing computer services and electronic resources at Columbia. It is used to gain full or partial access to CU resources including restricted library information on the web, human resources and benefits information, student grades, billing and registration information as well as to administrative systems.

Faculty, Staff and Students of Columbia University

Faculty, staff and students of Columbia University are eligible for a UNI and email service. Eligibility is determined based on data provided about users by an authoritative source; for most people, this source is Student Information Systems (students) or Human Resources PAC (employees). If questions arise about your eligibility, users may be asked to pursue them with your University department or the office providing their data.

Staff of Related Entities

Staff of Related Entities may be eligible for accounts depending on agreements between these entities and Columbia. UNIs are assigned to specific individuals to access specific administrative computer systems maintained by CUIT. These IDs are to be used solely for the performance of assigned job functions. Local administrators of these entities should work through their respective University unit with CUIT for determining UNI eligibility and activation based on Columbia’s System and Privacy Policy.


Domain Accounts (formerly referred to as a “NetID”)

A Domain Account is required for access to Columbia’s computer network and domain. This includes access to shared drives, which are considered an open forum, and secure individual storage located on a university server drive. Staff who would like access should request a domain account directly from their University department’s IT Manager. The IT Manager will assist the staff member in obtaining the domain account and also provide him/her with instructions on the proper use of the computer network and domain.

Exchange email accounts

Faculty, Staff and Students of Columbia University

In the U.S., a Microsoft Exchange account is provided to newly hired staff at the time of start and is to be used as the primary mode of e-mail. The default '' e-mail address that is created at the time of UNI creation is then forwarded to the new hire’s Exchange account. All Exchange account creations are subject to approval.

Staff of Related Entities

Employees hired by the Related Entities outside of the U.S. should work with the IT Manager. Most often the local internet service providers will setup the internet connection and the email accounts.

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