Access Basics

To enter reporting environments log into MyColumbia using your UNI and password and click on the ARC Portal tab, then click on the Go to ARC link or, for FDS reports, click on Go to FDS.


Requesting Access

All security roles must be requested by the user either by completing the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA) or the Financial Inquiry Application (FIA) which can be found on the Service Now page. For guidance, please refer to the Financial Systems Security Application Information page.

All security role requests must be approved by both the user's manager and the DAF Administrator for the School/Admin Unit to which access is being requested.

A handbook is available to assist faculty and staff who need to request and/or approve system access to any of the Columbia University financial systems. Click here to view the Finance Security Handbook.


Reporting Access Only

The Financial Inquiry Application (FIA) is a shorter alternative to the FSSA and offers users a faster and easier way to apply for inquiry only access. With inquiry only access, a user may view data in ARC and may also view financial reports through the Financial Data Store (FDS).

Access to financial data retrieved through inquiries, queries, and reports is governed in two ways: departments and ChartFields. 

Inquiry access by department allows a user to view all financial activity recorded for a specific department. It also allows a user to view all financial activity recorded on ChartFields owned by that specific department.

Department security ensures that only authorized users will have access to run reports on specific sets of data. For instance, if a user has security access to the Morningside campus departments but does not have security access to the CUMC departments, then the user would not be able to run reports for CUMC.

Security access can be assigned at any of the eight levels of the university department tree.

Helpful Resources

Numerous resources are available to assist with your financial responsibilities throughout the fiscal year. Much of this information can be found on the Finance Gateway website under Training Catalog.

The Training Catalog provides access to the following tools:

Web Based Training

Live Classroom Training

Job Aids Index

Related Training Guides

Reporting Video Forums


Finance Service Center

The Finance Service Center provides a single point of contact for common inquiries.  Submit an incident (online or by phone) to get assistance, ask a question or inform us of an issue.  There are also self-service links to request various services.

To access click on Finance Service Center.


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