After Submitting an Account Request


What to expect after submitting your request

Once you have submitted your account request AND checked out of Service Now:

  • 1)  The request will be routed to Treasury, where all required information and attachments will be confirmed or returned to you for edit if necessary. (Please note: There is only one opportunity to resubmit the request after it has been returned for edit. If the request is still incomplete or incorrect after you resubmit, the request will be rejected and you will need to begin a new Service Request).
  • 2)  After Treasury approval, the request will be routed to the departmental SBO for their approval.
  • 3)  After SBO approval, the request will be routed to the CUIT-PCI Security and/or Merchant Services group for final approval.
  • 4)  After final approval, your request will be processed and when complete, you and your SBO will receive an email confirmation with important information related to your request.


Tracking Your Request

Anytime during this process, you can track the status of your request by logging back into Service Now and clicking "My Service Requests" in the upper left corner: