Open an Online / Website Account (Card Not Present)

ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS VIA YOUR website / ECOMMERCE (card not present)


PLEASE NOTE:  Prior to completing the steps below for a new e-commerce MID, you must first submit a request for a Test Payment Gateway Account and complete all necessary testing.  If you have not already done so, please click HERE to submit a request for a Test Payment Gateway Account


1)  Complete all of the following forms and have them ready to upload as attachments in Service Now:

Merchant Security Review

Elavon New Merchant Request


Global Payments New Merchant Request

Departmental Process & Procedures for Reconciliation (SAMPLE)

PCI Training Certficates (for each departmental role) (LINK TO COMPLETE TRAINING)

2)  Log into Service Now. 

You will first be asked to authenticate your UNI and password. After authentication, the Merchant Account Request page will appear as below.



3) Read the guidelines at the top of the page carefully. Then begin completing the form under the "Contact Information" section.

4) From the drop-down menu under "Type of Request," choose "Open New Merchant Account."



5) In the list of checkboxes under "General Information," choose "Online/Website Over the Internet (Card-Not-Present)."



6)  Complete all remaining required fields within the request form.

7)  When you are finished, click the blue "Order Now" button at the bottom of the page:






This will bring you to your Shopping Cart, where you must click the "Checkout" button to submit your request.  If you fail to click "Checkout", we will not recieve your request.


8) Find out what you can expect next in the request process.