Opening a Columbia Merchant Account


    If you want to use credit card payments for a Columbia event, do not request a Columbia Merchant Account. Instead, contact Columbia University Events at

FOR prospective MERCHANTS


What kind of merchant account are you seeking?

Choose the account type below that best meets your needs.


In-Person (credit card is present)

  • The credit card is physically present at the time of the sale.
  • To process the transaction, one of the following point-of-sale methods is used: a stand-alone terminal with a dial-up phone connection, a handheld terminal with a cellular connection, or another approved point-to-point encryption solution.

Over the Phone and/or By Mail (card is not present)

  • The Merchant collects credit card information from the cardholder over the telephone or via mail order.
  • The Merchant must process the transaction manually by keying the cardholder's information and transaction details into a University-approved Payment Gateway or into one of the in-person, point-of-sale terminal solutions described above.

Online / Website, over the Internet (card is not present)

  • The Merchant directs the cardholder to an online, Columbia University-hosted site or to a third party-hosted site.
  • The cardholder enters their own cardholder data and submits payment online through a secure website hosted outside of Columbia servers.
  • The Merchant is never in contact with cardholder data using this method.