Opening a Columbia Merchant Account


    If you want to use credit card payments for a Columbia event, do not request a Columbia Merchant Account. Instead, contact Columbia University Events at

FOR prospective MERCHANTS


What kind of merchant account are you seeking?

You may review "How do I choose the right method", for more information or choose the payment channel below that best meets your needs.


In-Person (credit card is present)

  • Choose this method if the credit card and cardholder will be physically present at the time of the sale.
  • Card present transactions are processed using either a stand-alone terminal with a dial-up phone connection, a handheld terminal with a cellular connection, or some other approved point-to-point encryption solution.

By Mail Order or Phone Order  (card is not present)

  • Choose this method if you will be collecting credit card information from the cardholder over the telephone or via mail order forms.
  • The Merchant must process the transaction manually by keying the cardholder's information and transaction details into a University-approved Payment Gateway or into one of the in-person, point-of-sale terminal solutions described above.

Online / Website, over the Internet (card is not present)

  • Choose this method if you will never be in contact with cardholder data, and instead will direct the cardholder to enter their own credit card data online, through a secure, University approved website.
  • The cardholder enters their own cardholder data and submits payment online through a secure website hosted outside of Columbia servers.
  • The Merchant is never in contact with cardholder data using this method.