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ChartField Request Form

To request new ChartFields or update existing ChartFields. (Special ARC access is needed to navigate to this form.)

Change Order Justification

To clarify, there is no actual template or form titled Change Order Justification. It is a document type that enables a Department/School to upload a memo, invoice/proposal/quote or email describing why a change order is required.

Certificate of Insurance (Sample)

Insurance is a contractual requirement, it is not needed for Scope of Work only requisitions.

Central HR Forms

To CU HR Forms Library

Business Associate Addendum

Used when accessing, and/or creating Protected Health Information on behalf of CU. (Protected Health information is info that is subject to Federal privacy and security regulations pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability Act - HIPPA.)  Note: To be used every time patient information is disclosed to a supplier.


Bid Summary Form (Facilities only)
Bid Prep Form

Completion of this form is required by department prior to the issuance of a formal RFP by Purchasing.

Bid Non-Award Letter Template

Document provided to supplier that has not been engaged through a formal RFP process.

Bid Award Letter Template

Document provided to supplier that has been engaged through a formal RFP process.

Bank Account Request Form

To submit a request to the Office of the Treasurer to open, change or close a University bank account.

AP Stop Payment

To stop a payment to a vendor or to request a check re-issuance.

AP Payment Status & Remittance Tool

Check status on an AP payment, be it to outside vendors or an employee reimbursement.

AP Check Copy or ACH Verification

To receive a check copy or to verify ACH delivery of payment.