Forms Library

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Petty Cash Reconciliation Form

For periodic reconciliation of petty cash account amount totals

Photographer Purchase Order Rider

To be used for Photographer/Videographer purchase orders. Concerns ownership, license grant, limitations on use & indemnification.

PI Quarterly Review Documentation Template

To assist PI’s and Departments with the documentation of quarterly financial monitoring.

Policy Exception or Adjustment Request

May be used for documenting your request for a one time policy exception or a continuing policy adjustment.

Project Proposal Form (XLS)
Property Loss/Damage Claim Report

Use this form to first report potential or actual loss or damage to University-owned property.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions declaration that applies for all Columbia Purchase Orders.

Rate Development and License Application

Service (Recharge) center rate documentation.

Rate Development and License Application (Multi)

Service (Recharge) center rate documentation.



Recharge Center License Application (IDI Restricted Funds License)

To be used for billing product/service provided to a Restricted Account

Request for Proposal Template (RFP #1)
Request to Update Existing Elavon Account

Use this Form to make updates to Elavon Merchant Accounts.

Request to Update Existing Global Payments Account

Use this form to make updates to existing Global Payments Merchant Accounts.

Requisition Summary Form


Rush Request

Request form for approval of an Accounts Payable rush voucher payment.

Salary Pay Advance Form

Vacation Pay Advance Form

Scope of Work (SOW)

Attachment I to Consultant Requisition

Service Provider Agreement (Consultants) with 1M CGL and 1M PL insurance

Service agreement for use when the engagement requires both CGL and PL insurance per RM policy.

Service Provider Agreement (Consultants) with 1M CGL insurance

For use across a number of Service Provider/Consultant categories; including but limited to Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services; Database Analysis; General Research and Medical/Dental Services (Research Support only).

Service Provider Agreement (Consultants) with no insurance

Agreement for services - used when no specific insurance is required per RM policy