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Labor Accounting Form (PAC) - Salary Distribution & Additional Compensation

Used for PAC salary distribution and additional compensation payments for transactions that cannot be accomplished in system. View Instructions >>

Labor Accounting Form - Service Now Cost Transfers

Used for PAC cost transfer transactions that cannot be accomplished in system. (Used to be called the PAT form) View Instructions >>

Laser Registration Form (EH&S)
Location Setup Request

ServiceNow form to change or update the Bill-To or Ship-To locations in ARC


Use this form to request access to online statements and transaction activity for ELAVON Merchant Accounts only,  Attach completed forms to your ServiceNow request.  With the Merchant Connect online tool, you can download statements, view transactions, fees and more.

Prior to beginning a Service Request via, use this Questionnaire &
Checklist to ensure you have met all requirements and have completed any outside forms that you may be
required to attach to your Service Request. Please refer to the online content found on the Finance Gateway
for additional information.
Merchant Security Review Form
All CU Merchant environments must be reviewed and approved by the CUIT-PCI Security group. This review
form must be completed and accompany all requests for new CU Merchant accounts. It must also be completed
and submitted for approval by the CUIT-PCI Secuirty group prior to implementing any changes to an existing
Merchant environment. Whether new or existing, ALL Merchants must have a completed Security Review
Form on file with the Office of the Treasurer.
Missing Receipts Worksheet

A supporting document for expenses where the receipt has been lost or mislaid.


Complete this checklist each month as part of your Departmental Process and Procedures. Keep completed checklists on file for a minimum of two years to assist with meeting your PCI Compliance Requirements.

MV-104 (Component of Columbia University accident reporting Procedures)

This form must be completed and submitted to Risk Mgmt when a motor vehicle, boat, or trailer is involved in an accident in New York State. If the accident involves an injury or property damage over $1,000, the completed form must also be sent to the NYS DMV.

New Global Payments MID Request Form

This form is required to open a new Global Payments Merchant Account and to use the CyberSource Payment Gateway.

New Vehicle Acquisition

This form must be completed when a new motor vehicle, boat, or trailer is added to the Columbia University inventory through purchase, lease, or other transfer. (You do not need to request a Vehicle Insurance ID card)

Non-Employee Expense Worksheet

For entering expenses for non-employees. 

Overpayment Recovery Form

To recover money paid out in error. View Instructions

PAC - Create a New Incident

To communicate with the PAC Service Desk.

PAC - Non-UNI Incident Form

To communicate with the PAC Service Desk (non UNI users).


Personnel Action Form

Parent/Guardian Waiver

A waiver is an agreement between two parties that releases the party providing an activity from potential liability claims. This document should be used for any activity that could be potentially dangerous or considered an activity “outside the norm.” For example, students from the School of Arts decide they want to go rock climbing in an effort to promote teamwork or the Mechanical Engineering students want to build and test drive a race car. Since this is a legal document requiring the participant to give up all claims against the party providing the activity care should be taken to ensure that they fully understand their rights when asked to sign the waiver. If there is an element of danger in the activity, and that could include a field trip across town through the subway, should the participant refuse to sign the document they should not be permitted to participate. Please read the document carefully as it requires input from the coordinator. For further information contact the Office of General Counsel or the Risk Management Department.

People @ Columbia / PAC Security Access Form

Request access to PAC-Human Resources Management System (PeopleSoft) including DAF access to approve add comp, salary distribution and cost transfer transactions.

Performing Artists (musicians and actors) - Individual

This agreement needs to be completed and then signed by the vendor prior to the performance & forwarded to Purchasing to be counter signed. Once fully executed, it must be submitted with the voucher for payment to AP. For more information please go to the product/service page.