The Columbia Investment Management Company (IMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Columbia University.  The IMC is charged with managing the bulk of the University's endowments, also known as managed assets.  (The IMC does not manage the University's real estate holdings, certain charitable giving vehicles, or a variety of other gifts which have investment restrictions.)

The formation of the IMC symbolizes the University's dedication and commitment to the long term investment management of the endowment with the highest professional standards.


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IMC Staff Directory

Columbia Investment Management Company
405 Lexington Avenue, 63rd Floor


Holland, Peter - Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 212-851-2033 Fax: 212-851-2040

Daga, Sanjeev K. - Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 212-851-2051 Fax: 212-851-2040

Donohue, Tim - Chief Investment Officer

          Phone: 212-851-2034 Fax: 212-851-2040

Bagwell, Tony - Managing Director

Phone: 212-851-2056 Fax: 212-851-2040

Wagner, Elizabeth - Managing Director

Phone: 212-851-2065 Fax: 212-851-2040

Yao, Edward S. - Managing Director

Phone: 650-320-1738 Fax: 650-320-1739

Mercado, Julius B. - Managing Director (Operations)

Phone: 212-851-2054 Fax: 212-851-2040

Jaisinghani, Anil A. - Director (Operations)

Phone: 212-851-2047 Fax: 212-851-2040

Nadeau, Michael - Managing Director (Operations)

Phone:212-851-2062 Fax: 212-851-2040

Balasubramanian, Rama - Director (Operations)

Phone:212-851-2072 Fax: 212-851-2040

Howard, Kevin - Director (Operations)

Phone:212-851-2072 Fax: 212-851-2040

Mc Carthy, Lidia - Director (Operations)

Phone: 212-851-2052 Fax:212-851-2040

Snevily, James - Director (Operations)

Phone: 212-851-2044 Fax: 212-851-2040

Tse, Sue - Director (Operations)

Phone: 212-851-2066 Fax:212-851-2040

Chou, Jeffery - Analyst

Phone: 212-851-2039 Fax: 212-851-2040

Ames, David - Associate

Phone: 212-851-2038 Fax: 212-851-2040

Pasterczyk, Maxwell - Associate

Phone: 212-851-2074 Fax: 212-851-2040

Rabinovich, Bari - Analyst (Investments)

Phone: 212-851-2061 Fax: 212-851-2040

Slywka, Steven - Analyst (Investments)

Phone:212-851-2049 Fax: 212-851-2040

Santos, Stephanie - Analyst (Operations)

Phone: 212-851-2046  Fax: 212-851-2040

Frisina, Cristina - Analyst (Operations)

Phone: 212-851-2068  Fax: 212-851-2040

Sucena, Mariane - Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 212-851-2055 Fax: 212-851-2040

Mercer, Jarryn - Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 212-851-2069 Fax: 212-851-2040