Accessing ARC and Related Systems


ARC Access

ARC is accessed via the ARC Portal.  You can link to the portal from various locations on the Finance Gateway. Sign in using your UNI and password. The ARC Portal provides a single sign-on point of access for ARC as well as a variety of financial reports, including FDS (Financial Data Store) reports.   To apply for system access, fill out the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA)Training is required.  See the Required Trainings by Role chart for key links and more information. View Navigational Tips & Tricks Job Aid for additional instruction.


Just applying for Reporting Access?

The Financial Inquiry Application (FIA) is a shorter alternative to the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA) and offers users a faster and easier way to apply for inquiry only access. With inquiry only access, a user may view data in ARC and may also view financial reports through the Financial Data Store (FDS). There are two types of inquiry access:


Inquiry Access by Department: Inquiry access by department allows a user to view all financial activity recorded on a specific department. It also allows a user to view all financial activity recorded on ChartFields owned by that specific department.

Inquiry Access by ChartField: Inquiry access by ChartField allows users to view all financial activity recorded on a specific Project, Activity, Initiative and/or Segment.

Access to Payroll Accounting Distribution (PAD) info by Department and/or ChartField may also be requested via the Financial Inquiry Application. In addition, this new security application allows an administrator to request reporting access on behalf of faculty, principal investigators and/or scope investigators.  


The FSSA and FIA  are both available in ServiceNow.


Read the Handbook

Review the Finance Security Handbook and consult with your manager to ensure that you apply for the correct system access. 

Reporting Only applicants have the option of filling out the shorter Financial Inquiry Application (FIA) - Click here for the FIA Handbook.


FFE Access

Financial Front End (FFE) modules:


Budget Tool (FFE/FINSYS)

Accessed from the FinSys Portal

View Web Based Training


Cash Module (FFE/FINSYS)

Accessed from the FinSys Portal

View Web Based Training


Casual & Support Staff Time Entry Module (FFE/FINSYS)

Accessed from the FinSys Portal

View the Time Entry User Guide

View HR Time Entry Information & Time Entry Form



To apply for system access, fill out the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA).

People@Columbia (PAC) Access

A customized version of PeopleSoft that integrates and processes all Human Resources and Payroll transactions for Columbia University. The system is managed by CUHR.  Please navigate to the PAC Toolkit page for information regarding policy, access, functionality, training and user resources.


Legacy System & Reports Access

As of July 2012, many financial systems have been replaced by ARC.  The following applications and reporting tools will still be available in read-only mode: FFE, DARTS, and FAS.  AP/CAR data is available via Business Objects/FDS.  Links to these options can be found on the ARC Portal.


FFE (Financial Front End System) - Read Only

For details on how to access FFE, please visit the download instructions on CUIT's website.

For access, please complete the Financial Systems Security Application


DARTS (Pre-July 2012 data only)

DARTS is a web-based legacy application that brought together diverse University financial data allowing users to run a variety of management reports.

Navigate to the DARTS homepage to access read-only data.

DARTS manual

DARTS instructional video


FAS Data Warehouse (DWR) Reports

Access via the DWR Reports tab on My Columbia.  You willl find pre-July 2012 FAS reports, COB reports as well as other legacy report functions.


AP/CAR (Accounts Payable Control Analytical Review) - Read Only

AP/CAR was the University’s automated payment voucher processing system that has been replaced by ARC.  It was used to electronically submit payment vouchers to Accounts Payable.  It is only available in READ-ONLY status as of July 2012.

Effective 11/10/14, access the legacy APCAR application is no longer available.  However, APCAR reports for data between July 1999 and July 6, 2012 can still be accessed, now through the Business Objects-InfoView platform (the same platform that the FDS reports are on).  Learn more ...

Users are able to run the Invoice Inquiry, AP Vendor Inquiry and Audit History reports.  To learn more about the Business Objects-InfoView platform, these reports and how to run them, click here to view the APCAR Inquiry Reports job aid. 

Note: if you already access the Business Objects-InfoView platform via the “Go to FDS” button on the ARC Portal to run reports out of the financial data store, and you previously had access to the legacy APCAR reports in the DataWarehouse (DWR), you will now see an “APCAR” folder along with your “ARC” folder. 

Users who do not have access to the APCAR reports:

If you do not currently have access to the APCAR reports but would like access, please complete Section 5, Historical Data, of the Financial Systems Security Application – click here to view the Finance Security Handbook which includes guidance on completing the FSSA.  Check the “AP/CAR” box in Section 5 of the FSSA to request access to the APCAR reports.

If you need to obtain a particular invoice associated with an accounts payable transaction in APCAR between July 1999 and July 6, 2012, please contact the Finance Service Center.  The Analysts in the Service Center will be able to see if the user has the appropriate access to view the documents requested, and, if so, the Analysts will obtain the documents from OnBase, the electronic document management system, and send them to the user.