Future Month Closing Guidance


General Closing Calendar Dates:  


  • Future months' general closing dates will be available soon.



May 2018 
2-MayPayroll: Weekly and Biweekly for period end 4/29/2018, posted to FY18 Period 10 (April)
3-MayFY18 Period 10 PAC Labor Accounting Close
7-MayFY18 Period 10 GL Closing to Schools and Departments
8-MayFY18 Period 10 GL Closing Processes
28-MayUniversity Holiday
31-MayFY18 Period 11 Accounts Payable closing


If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Service CenterYou can log an incident or request a service by using a self-service web form, or you can contact the Service Center by phone: 212-854-2122.