First Aid


Who are our First Aid Officers?

First Aid Officers are based on each floor:

Pat Snee
3rd Floor, Studebaker, 377I
Daiyana Gordon
4th Floor, Studebaker, 488
Jesse Irmler
5th Floor, Studebaker, CUIT HR
Matthew Brady
6th Floor, Studebaker, 626HH
Marianna Belyavskiy
6th Floor, Studebaker, 650D
Roger Gonzalez
6th Floor, Studebaker, 650E
Amanda Brucia6th Floor, Studebaker, 626GG
Bill Santin210 Kent Hall
Maribel Marcano-Longi210 Kent Hall

What does it mean to be a First Aid Officer?

Our First Aid Officers are certified in Adult First Aid/CPR/AED by the American Red Cross. These individuals can be extremely helpful in the event a colleague has a medical emergency, big or small.  Our First Aid Officers are able to assist colleagues while someone else is ensuring that the appropriate medical professionals are called.

What to do in a medical emergency

In a medical emergency, please follow these procedures; each procedure should be undertaken by a different person, allowing all to take place simultaneously.

  • Alert the nearest First Aid officer and Finance HR.
  • Call 911 – get them to stay on the phone with you if necessary.  You need to dial 93 first for an outside line.
  • As a follow-up, Columbia University EMS should also be contacted. You may dial extension 4-5555 from any campus phone on the Morningside or Manhattanville Campus.
  • For those in Studebaker, go down to the lobby, alert the security guard that an ambulance is on its way, and get them to take an elevator out of public service and hold it until EMS arrives and can be taken to the patient.
  • Always have someone stay with the patient.
To reach Columbia University Public Safety in an emergency from a non-campus phone, dial (212) 854-5555. If you are located on the Medical Center Campus, dial (212) 305-7979.

What if you have an accident or are injured at work?

If medical treatment is needed, please seek medical attention at any location convenient to you. Please click here to read more about what to do if you are injured at work.  

Please remember that it is your responsibility to report the injury immediately to your supervisor. In addition, you must fill out the Departmental Accident Report Form which must be signed by you and your supervisor and submitted to Finance HR in order to ensure your claim is reported in a timely manner.  Late reporting may result in a delay in processing your claim.