Global Treasury Operations - About Us

The Global Treasury Operations Team at Columbia University:

  • Manages the opening and closure of bank accounts (domestic and foreign) including the establishment of appropriate signatory requirements
  • Arranges electronic access to bank accounts
  • Promotes electronic payments methods including electronic conversion of checks at point of sale
  • Manages and maintains credit card acceptance and Merchant Services Program
  • Manages and maintains Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Program
  • Opens and advises on the use of lockboxes
  • Manages the daily cash position including the short term investment of surplus cash and the initiation of wires (domestic and foreign)
  • Advises on the appropriate use of petty cash including the observance of internal controls
  • Receives, records and sells securities gifted to the University
  • Provides cash checking facilities on campus
  • Arranges the collection of foreign checks, the issue of letters of credit and other miscellaneous bank services

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Who We Are

Patricia Reid

Associate Treasurer, Global Treasury Operations



Cory Zemba

Associate Director, Global Treasury Operations



Katie Todd

Assistant Director, PCI Compliance and Merchant Account Services



Cristobal Servera-Vaquer

Manager, Global Treasury Operations



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