Global Treasury Operations - About Us

The Global Treasury Operations Team at Columbia University:

→ Manages the opening and closure of bank accounts (domestic and foreign) including the establishment of appropriate signatory requirements

→ Arranges electronic access to bank accounts

→ Promotes electronic payments methods including electronic conversion of checks at point of sale

→ Manages and maintains credit card acceptance and Merchant Services Program

→ Manages and maintains Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Program

→ Opens and advises on the use of lockboxes

→  Manages the daily cash position including the short term investment of surplus cash and the initiation of wires (domestic and foreign)

→ Advises on the appropriate use of petty cash including the observance of internal controls

→ Receives, records and sells securities gifted to the University

→ Provides cash checking facilities on campus

→ Arranges the collection of foreign checks, the issue of letters of credit and other miscellaneous bank services

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Who We Are

Patricia Reid

Associate Treasurer, Global Treasury Operations



Karen Oprea

Director, Global Treasury Operations



Cory Zemba

Associate Director, Global Treasury Operations



Katie Todd

Assistant Director, PCI Compliance and Merchant Account Services



Robert DiTondo

Manager, Global Treasury Operations




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