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Global Support is managed through collaboration and oversight of the Finance offices including Treasury, the Controller, Purchasing and the Office of the General Counsel as well as under the advice of the International Administrative Working Group.


The academic and administrative challenges posed by increased globalization bring a host of ever-changing issues and demands.  Global Support will strive to maintain an up-to-date source of information and tools to aid the Columbia community engaged in international activities to better manage their responsibilities and to continue to adhere to the highest academic and fiscal standards.


We look to provide answers to questions and concern related to international work. Global Support will help you identify and interpret policies and locate appropriate tools and resources.


Some examples of audience and issues that will be addressed are listed below:


Faculty, Researchers and PIs

• Faculty members who develop curricula that includes international activities

• Faculty members who are considering submitting proposals as PI for research or service programs requiring international activities

• Faculty members who are considering serving as co- PI or sub-grantees on proposals from colleagues at other universities for research or service programs requiring international activities

• Faculty serving in a role for ongoing operation of the above mentioned programs

• Faculty serving as leads for CU sponsored group trips abroad

• Faculty members considering international travel for a sabbatical, conference, teaching or research as part of their service to CU


Deans, Associate Deans and other Department/School Administrators based in US

• Managers at departments that develop, review, approve and submit proposals for international projects (projects located overseas or involving international parties)

• Managers at departments that oversee the operation of international projects

• Department/School staff considering travel for CU programs

• CU department/school staff who work in support of international projects and are located in NY


Overseas CU program Staff

• CU staff who work in support of international projects and are based in international locations



• Undergraduate students considering travel for CU sponsored international programs or CU sanctioned exchange programs in international locations

• Graduate students considering international research or service projects


For a quick way to reach someone at Global Support please send an email to: gobalsupport@columbia.edu


Wan Wendy Huo

Associate Director, International Finance Operations

Telephone: 212-851-9936

Cellphone 917-306-9461

eMail: whuo@columbia.edu



Joan Manuel Monserrate, MPH

Associate Director, International Finance Policy and Training

Telephone: 212-851-9688

Cellphone 646—574-1792

eMail: jm3589@columbia.edu